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Thursday, 31 May 2012

10 Best App with Cloud Service for Taking, Storing & Sharing Notes

Hey guy's you have waste lot of paper to draw the important notes, & your drawer case also full of notes. Now get ride all the chaos and get organized with note-taking software and services.

We selected the best desktop note application that work with Cloud service taking storing & sharing the information.

Cloud Services

The following are cloud services that allow you to take, store, and share your information online and across computers, and mobile devices in some cases. The services listed here are free, but some also have paid options with more features available.

  • OneNote

Microsoft OneNote 2010 is a digital notebook integrated into Microsoft Office that allows you to gather all your notes and information into one place. You can quickly and easily find information in your notebooks using the powerful search capability of OneNote and share your notebooks to you can collaborate on projects and work together with others more efficiently. You can gather and organize text, pictures, digital handwriting, audio and video recordings, and more in your OneNote notebooks.

  • KeyNote

KeyNote is a free, portable, tabbed notebook for Windows that allows you to create and store multi-level notes, use a rich text editor, and apply strong encryption to your notes. It has a tabbed interface, each tab containing a note with multiple levels called nodes. KeyNote supports virtual nodes which are nodes that do not contain text themselves. Instead, a virtual node is linked to a file on your hard drive. The contents of that file is displayed in KeyNote and you can edit the contents in KeyNote. When you save the your note, the changes you made in KeyNote are saved back to the original file on your hard drive, not in the KeyNote (.knt) file. You can only link text (*.txt) files or Rich Text Format (*.rtf) files to a virtual node. If the file on your hard disk is a plain text file, any formatting styles that you apply to this file’s virtual node in KeyNote will be lost, because the file will be saved in its original, plain text format.
NOTE: If you move a file containing the information for a virtual node or move the KeyNote program folder to a different location, the virtual node may become “orphaned” because the original file is still in its original location and KeyNote will not be able to find the files.
You can also use KeyNote to store checklists, applying check boxes to nodes and hiding checked nodes.

  • TreePad Lite

TreePad Lite is a free personal information manager for Windows and Linux that allows you  to store, edit, and search textual data, such as notes, emails, links, phone numbers, addresses, text copied from websites, etc. You enter text into articles that are organized in a hierarchical, tree format in the left-hand tree pane and displayed in the right-hand article pane. It is easy to use and fully portable. TreePad Lite has a powerful internal search engine so you can easily find your data. You can insert plain text hyperlinks to other TreePad nodes and articles, files on your hard drive, web pages, email addresses, newsgroups, and FTP sites.
There are paid versions of TreePad that have more features, such as rich text formatting options, spell checking, and the ability to open multiple databases at a time.

Download : TreePad

  • WikidPad

WikidPad is a wiki-like notebook for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS that allows you to store your thoughts, ideas, to-do lists, contacts, or just about any type of information you don’t want to forget. WikidPad is different from other note-taking programs in that it’s quick and easy to cross-link your information. Links to other notes in your notebook are created using WikiWords, which is a mixed case (or camel case) word you type into the editor, such as ShoppingList or JohnDoe. WikidPad is a standalone application and does not require a web server, application server, or groupware solution to run.

Download : WikiPad

  • CintaNotes

CintaNotes is a free, lightweight note-taking application for Windows that allows you to quickly save and tag useful information you don’t want to forget. You can clip text from anywhere simply by selecting it and pressing a hotkey. This clipping feature works in any program in which you can copy text to the clipboard. Searching for your information in CintaNotes is easy. Simply start typing your search terms. Only notes containing the typed phrase display in the list. You can also organize your notes using tags.
CintaNotes is a self-contained, portable application that can be put on a USB flash drive and run directly from there. Your notes can also be synchronized across multiple PCs using free online services, such as DropBox.
Additional features can be unlocked if you buy a license for $9.99. A purchased license allows you to have multiple notebook files, paste notes into other applications, export to HTML, and display tag usage counts on the Tag Sidebar.

  • KeepNote

KeepNote is a note-taking application for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X that allows you 
to store information such as class notes, to do lists, research notes, journal entries, and 
much more in a simple notebook hierarchy. You can apply rich text formatting to your 
content, and insert images, web links, note-to-note links, file attachments and more. 

KeepNote provides a full-text search so you can easily find specific information at any 
time. Notes in KeepNote are stored in common, easy-to-manipulate file formats (HTML and XML). You can archive or transfer your notes from KeepNote simply by zipping or copying a single folder. KeepNote has built-in backup and restore functionality using .zip files. You can also extend the functionality in KeepNote by installing plugins, or extensions.

Download : KeepNote

  • AM-Notebook Lite

AM-Notebook Lite is a personal information manager for Windows that allows you to easily save notes, spreadsheets with formulas and functions, diagrams and flowcharts, to do lists, tasks, and contacts, all accessible from a light weight system tray tool. Multiple notes and spreadsheets can be opened in the tabbed interface. You can apply rich text formatting to your text, embed tables in your notes, and format cells in your spreadsheets. AM-Notebook also provides a built-in backup and restore feature.
AM-Notebook Lite is the limited, freeware version of AM-Notebook. The paid version that has many more features. Both the free and the paid versions are portable.

Download : AM-Notebook Lite

  • Jarnal

Jarnal is an free, open-source application that allows you to take notes, create sketches, keep a journal, and make presentations. One of the main advantages of Jarnal is its ability to annotate PDF files, allowing you to enter text in a PDF document and combine PDF documents and rearrange pages. You can also annotate faxes and other non-PDF documents. Jarnal also provides collaboration functionality and networking connectivity, allowing you to efficiently work with others on documents.
Jarnal requires Java 2 1.4.2 or later.
Download : Jarnal 

  • AllMyNotes

AllMyNotes is an organizer for Windows that can be used for many different purposes, such as a diary, a planner, a project management tool, a contact management tool, a secure password manager, among many more. AllMyNotes’ 1800-bit encryption protects your notes and ideas by encrypting your data on the disk at all times. You can export your data to Rich Text Format (.rtf), HTML, or plain text (not recommended for sensitive information). Some other useful features include an unlimited number of notes and folders, basic font formatting and styles, and search and replace within notes, instant search in all your notes. Notes are organized hierarchically by topic.
You can also import notes from various formats such as .rtf, .html, .csv, and .txt, and also from Evernote and Keynote (.knt) files.
AllMyNotes also comes in a portable version, allowing you to securely take your data with you. A paid deluxe version is available that adds many more features such as, automatic URL/email/phone number hyperlinking, internal hyperlinks to notes and folders, spell-checker, table editing, restricting file and folder access with a password, strong password generator, and more.
Download : AllMyNotes

  • Evernote

Evernote is a program and a cloud service that allows you to record your important information using your computer, phone, tablet, or in a web browser. You can use Evernote to save notes, web clips, files, and images. Save entire web pages (text, images, and links) to your Evernote account using web clipper browser extensions. All your information is made available on every device and computer you use. Evernote makes sharing your notes and collaborating on projects with friends, colleagues, and classmates easy and efficient.

Download : Evernote

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